• Many from the younger generation are finding it difficult to own homes. Are they just being choosy about the properties they are eyeing, or is the market really so far out of their reach?

  • The Heat speaks to people of different generations to find out their thoughts of Merdeka, and what it means to them.

The terrorist who preaches from jail
Jailed terrorist Abu Bakar Bashir, the spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), continues to wield tremendous influence that reaches our shores due to lax prison rules.
Family Court not so ‘family friendly’
The Family Court had its beginnings in the early 2000s but the system has been found to be neither comprehensive nor conducive to deal with cases involving children, specifically custodial matters.
Jewellery to keep you safe
A wearable safety app will soon be available on the market. Hidden in jewellery or other small devices, it will enable users to summon help with the press of a button.
All abuzz over Zumba
You can have two left feet,but it does not mean you can’t Zumba.The dance has taken Malaysians by storm and is also a great way to keep fit.
Finding peace in a time of tragedy
10 years ago, Ellynita Lamin headed for Aceh shortly after the Boxing Day tsunami that wreaked havoc from Indonesia to East Africa, with little regard for her own safety.
Columnist Jacqueline Ann Surin looks at PAS’ commitment to Pakatan Rakyat and wonders if the party does things in consensus with the coalition or is it behaving like a maverick?

Newly-elected PKR Youth Chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad faces a revolt on his hands following the walkout of 15 members of the wing’s new leadership lineup.

Trendsetter for the textile industry

Searching for a treasure in the east

Going natural this X’mas
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